Monday, December 24, 2012

From Our Family to Yours

Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Craft Fair and Gift Market

That's what I will be attending this upcoming Saturday, December 8th at Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs.  I'm actually kind of nervous about this one since it's suppose to be the biggest one I've attended yet! Over 110 vendors are scheduled to be there, so yeah, it's going to be HUGE!

So come join me on December 8th from 9am to 4pm.  It will help calm my nerves to see some friendly faces and plus, who doesn't love an excuse to shop?! Food, entertainment, drawings, free parking, and child care will be available.

More info on this event can be found here and here. Hope to see you there! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Craft Fair Season part 1

Ah, craft fair season is upon us! So far I've attended 2 craft fairs this season and I'm planning on attending another on December 8th.

I love being a vendor at craft fairs.  I love being able to interact with new people and for the most part the people who attend are extremely open and friendly.  I got to admit I still get nervous the night before but once I'm there it's such a blast that I almost forget all about those silly nerves.

So today I thought I'd give you a quick tour of the 1st craft fair I attended this season.  This once was back in October at a High School in Colorado Springs.  Although traffic at times was a bit slow I was still super fortunate enough to have made some great sales.

I had such a great time at this event.  I was even lucky enough to have won one of the door prizes (an Aveda salon and spa gift set and gift certificate) and I completely sold out of all my headbands!  Talk about a fantastic day!

I plan on sharing a part 2 with you all soon.  My 2nd craft fair I attended was at a greenhouse and the setting was just stay tuned!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello Instagrammers

So if you are anything like me than you are probably completely, utterly, and totally in love with Instagram. I love being able to see what everyone is up to just by viewing pictures.  Much more positive than reading some people's status updates (please tell me you can relate on this one). Seriously folks, it's the best!

Here's a quick little photo dump, courtesy of my Instagram photos.

Our Christmas Tree is up! Love, love, love this time of year!

My daughter modeling the new Ruffle Flower Holiday Edition Bobby Pins which can be found here.

My recent fab freebie that I got in the mail, thanks to Target Style! Um, love it!

My craft studio after a good cleaning, that place can get a little messy. 

And last but not least...

My bestest friend in the whole wide world (ok, maybe she's tied with my hubby, haha) our doggy Baby. Words cannot express how much I love this girl! 

So there you have it, my recent Instagram photo dump.  If you want to follow me feel free, my name is thriftyandfabulous.  Hope to see you soon! 

Don't forget today is the last day to take advantage of the Cyber Monday deal going on now at the Thrifty and Fabulous Shop. Click here for more details as well as the 45% off coupon code! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday Sale

Well howdy y'all! Long time no see!  Don't fret though, I have lots of new blog posts I plan on sharing asap but today is all about the Cyber Monday sale going on now at the Thrifty and Fabulous Shop.

Are you stoked? I know I am! This will be the last BIG sale before the new year so take advantage now and grab up some goodies.  All items in the shop are ready to ship and orders go out within 1-2 business days! So whatcha waiting for? See ya there!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Inspiration Board Makeover

So this is yet another project that I completed months ago, yet never took the time out to share.  I don't know what it is lately but I have been slacking.  I'm trying to get better at it so hopefully I will have some more fun and easy projects to share with you all soon.  At least sooner that it took me to complete this post.

Alright, so on to the fun project!  I've had this inspiration board in my craft room for almost a year now.  A couple of months ago I decided to spice it up a bit.  I knew I wanted a fun chevron pattern but I wasn't sure exactly how I would achieve it.  So of course I took to Pinterest and found some great tutorials.  I ended up using this tutorial as my go-to how-to.


My version wasn't as crisp or exact.  I'm sure if I had been patient and waited for my husband to help it would have been better but I still had fun and that's all that matters right?

I started out by drawing some light lines for the chevron patterns, then covering it up with some painter's tape. This was the tedious part and I started to slack a bit so my chevron pattern wasn't as even as it should have been....oops!

Once the tape was in place I started painting.  I used some grey paint I already had on hand.  I was worried that painting the cork board would make it hard and crunchy but that wasn't the case at all.  Thank goodness!

After a couple coats of paint I removed the tape.  I loved the results! But that wasn't it just yet.  I also painted the frame a nice, pretty, bright white.  Once dry my new inspiration board was complete! Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention, since I had all the paint and tape on hand this little project was F-R-E-E! Got to love that!

Then came the fun part of pinning some pretties on.


I'm loving my new board.  I've already added some more business cards and fabric samples on it.  What about you have an inspiration board? If so, have you painted it or wrapped it with fabric? Or left it as is?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Garage {Mini} Makeover

I've had this post planned out for a couple months now (yikes, I know) but I've been slacking when it comes to blogging  lately.  I don't really have any super great excuses, just laziness I guess.  I have high hopes to share more blog posts with you all, so don't give up on my just yet.

Alright, ready to check out what's been taking me so long to share?  It's our garage mini makeover!  Nothing super crazy was done, just some good old fashioned painting and organizing.  Here's what our 2 car garage looked like before.

For the first part of the mini makeover I decided to paint the steps.  I used the same brown paint that we chose for our walls (which we painted about 2 1/2 years ago when we first moved in).  I also chose to spice it up a bit by painting them white as well.  We always have at least 3 cans of white paint on hand so this mini stair makeover ended up being 100% free! Love that.

Then we picked up 2 white utility stands for our storage needs from our favorite home improvement store Lowes. We were able to use our military discount to score 10% off our entire order. I think our total order for both shelves was around $50.  Not too shabby.

Ready to see the after?

I will admit I was a little worried about painting our garage steps white but these pics were actually taken a few weeks after I painted them and believe it or not they still look crisp and clean.  I used paint specially made for high traffic areas so maybe that's been the trick to keeping them so nice.  I'm hoping the white still looks great once winter comes around. 

So that's our mini makeover, garage edition! Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shop {Super} Sale

I'm so excited to start making new Fall inspired jewelry and accessories for the shop.  I've already got the supplies, all I need is the time (isn't that the way it always goes?).  However, the main reason for this post is to share with you all the Thrifty and Fabulous Shop Super Sale that is currently going on!

What's included in the sale?





And hair accessories...

Ready for the sale details?  Alright, get ready for this...EVERYTHING is half off! That's right half off your entire order! All you have to do is enter coupon code FALL2012 at checkout and you'll get 50% off your entire order. Why the super sale?  Well for one, I have to make room for all my new fall inspired goodies, plus what a great way to get a head start on your holiday shopping!

And Etsy has made shopping so much easier! They now accept all major credit cards, no Paypal account needed. 

This special 50% off coupon code is good for 2 weeks only so be sure to take advantage of it now before your favorite items are gone.  Oh, and feel free to share this coupon code with your pals.  The more the merrier!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Giveaway to Christy's Cuties

I am so excited to share today's giveaway with you all! My amazing blog friend Christy from Christy's Cuties recently opened up her very own shop.  It's full of the most adorable aprons and they literally come in all shapes and sizes! She makes children and adult sizes and she also has some adorable quilts and pennants.  You can check them all out here. 

Here are just a couple of her super cute aprons.

Christy was kind enough to send me one of her newest aprons and I couldn't have been more excited to try it out.  I'm so in love with the colors and patterns.  Isn't it cute?

 Now time for the giveaway! Christy is offering 1 lucky reader the chance to win any apron from her shop.  That's right ANY apron! That includes any style and size.  Pretty great right? 

Giveaway will end one week from today! So whatcha waiting for? Enter below for your chance to win. Best of luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New in the shop and a discount code

It's time for another fun shop update! Lately I can't get enough of these fun, bead bar necklaces! They go great with everything and I even like to layer them with other necklaces.  It definitely helps perk up that plain ol' tee (well in my case anyway).

This marble necklace is my absolute fave!

I also added these pretty pearl ones.

And I have these turquoise and gold ones.

Purdy aren't they?  You can find these necklaces and more here and if you enter coupon code THANKYOU at checkout you'll score 20% off your entire purchase.  Just my way of saying thank you to all you fabulous folks!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thrifting and DIY Baker's Twine

A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to Goodwill and believe it or not, I was able to find some pretty cute things.  I bought a couple of long sleeve tops for my daughter (name brand and in great condition, yay) but my favorite find was a big bag full of crochet cotton for... get ready... only $4! Sweet, right?

I have so many uses for these but I was excited to try a DIY project I found on Pinterest for the white and beige crochet cotton.  The project? Making my own Baker's Twine! Say whaaaa? Now my original inspiration came from here and I used the very same technique she used, as well as the one shown in the YouTube video she shared on her page.

Basically you start out by wrapping some masking tape around a ruler. Then you wrap the twine around it, scrunching it down along the way.  Once you've got a good amount wrapped around the ruler you take a marker (in my case colored permanent markers) and start coloring!

Be sure to flip the ruler over and repeat on the back.  Let it set for a few minutes so it can dry and then unwrap. Kind of looks like the real thing doesn't it?

I repeated this with a few other colored markers and was left with this!

I also found a super easy way to store them so they don't get all tangled up.  I cut up pieces from some old card board boxes and wrapped them up.  Just like the real thing!

So have any of you been thrifting lately? Were you able to do any cool projects with them? Do tell!

Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Organize Coupons Part 2

I'm so excited to share part 2 of how I organize my coupons.  My first post on this subject (found here) focused on how I separate my coupons for specific stores like Target, Walgreens, and Safeway.  Today's post will focus on how I organize the majority of my manufacturer coupons. Basically, all the coupons they have out there!

I keep my manufacturer coupons in a large binder that I purchased at Target for around $11 (made by Organizher).  It came complete with coupon holders, shopping lists, coupon tracker, and subject separators.  Not too shabby for $11.  I do have to admit that I added more coupon holders and subject separators since the ones it came with were not enough for me.  Luckily, the binder is still plenty big for all my couponing needs.

The easiest way to explain how I organize these coupons is to start at the beginning.  First I ONLY cut out the coupons I know my family will use.  I don't cut out cat food or litter box coupons (since we don't own a cat), or Hamburger Helper coupons (since we mainly eat gluten free), or other coupons that we will never ever use. Sounds simple enough but I know so many people that start out by cutting every single coupon they come in contact with. You will save so much time if you only cut the coupons you know you will use. It also saves you tons of space in your coupon binder. Holla!

Now on to where I find my favorite coupons!  I get the majority of them from the Sunday Paper but I also find them at online sites like as well as the Walmart magazine All You.

Once I cut out the coupons (that I know we'll use) I place them into their holders (baseball card holders work great for this).  And since I've organized my coupons into categories like dairy, snacks,  household items, coffee, etc. they are super easy to find!

In order to use my coupons for the biggest savings ever I check out sites like and These sites break down all the current deals out there and they are another huge time saver (can you tell I'm all about saving time?)! Then all I have to do is write down a quick shopping list based on my favorite deals, what coupons I need in order to save, and then I'm out the door!

So that's my version of the Un-Extreme way to coupon! Do you have a certain way you organize your coupons? I'd love to know!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the Shop-Flower Earrings

I've been adding lots of new lovelies to the shop lately and I thought what better place to share them then right here on the blog!  Today's latest additions are the petite flower earrings.  I just love these little darlings!

Here are the bright and bold ones.

Here are the light and soft ones.

And last but not least here are the ones that will go great with darn near anything!

You can find these and more here and if you enter coupon code THANKYOU at checkout you'll get 20% off your entire order.  Pretty sweet right?!
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