Monday, January 7, 2013

Craft Fair Season part 2

Now that the Holidays are over I finally have enough time to share with you all the second craft fair I attended last year (Did you miss the 1st one? If so you can read all about it here.).  The second one I attended was at Phelan Gardens, a greenhouse located in Colorado Springs.  This was my 2nd time as a vendor at this location.  The year before when I attended the Ladies Night and Drop and Shop Event at Phelan Gardens it was my very first time as a vendor at any craft fair, so I was extremely nervous.  Luckily, I had such a blast last year that when they asked if I would return as a vendor this year I couldn't say YES fast enough.

The only bummer I experienced was being in the middle of 2 other vendors.  This led to me having to move out of the way for the vendor to the left who wanted to keep the walk way to the left of her table free, while the vendors to the right blocked the walk way on my free side. Then on a few occasions they borrowed my mirror and failed to put it back where I originally had it...and at some points they just kept my mirror on their table altogether (since I will admit to having for real OCD the mirror thing probably bothered me more than it would have bothered any one else, ha ha).  Even though my booth location wasn't ideal I still had a fab time (and the vendors on each side of me were very nice, I would have just preferred an end table like I had the year before).

I have to say though I was in love with the greenhouse setting.  Flowers everywhere! It was beautiful, especially as the evening went on and it started to get dark it was like those flowers just burst with light.  It was dreamy.

I still have one more Craft Fair to share from last year and it was by far the BIGGEST one ever! Trust me, you won't want to miss it! 

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