Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Books about Blogging and Handmade Business

 Last year I bought some of the best books and they were all related to Blogging and Handmade Business. Then not too long ago I started getting a couple of readers asking me about blogging and business tips.  Since I'm hardly a pro (just someone who loves to read) I thought I'd put together a list of these books and share them with you.

This 1st list will be dedicated to the Blogging books.  These books were all about...you guessed it- blogging!  Whether you've considered having a blog but never followed through with it, already have a blog, or are a season blog pro, these books are for you.  They cover the ins and outs and everything in between.

Blogging for Creatives by Robin Houghton
Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho

This 2nd list is all about the Handmade Business.  It also has parts on blogging and how having (and maintaining) a blog can be beneficial to your business.  So if you have a blog but not a handmade business you will probably still enjoy these books.  Now if you do have your own handmade business these books are a MUST have!

Craft Inc. Business Planner by Meg Mateo Ilasco
Creative, Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho

Etsy Preneurship by Jason Malinak
The Handmade Market Place by Kari Chapin

Keep in mind there are tons of other great books about there about these subjects.  This is just the list of books I bought last year.  In fact, there are a couple others blogging and handmade business books I'd love to get my hands on! Do you have a fave that wasn't on this list?  If so feel free to share!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Procrastination Nation

That is where I feel like I've been living.  Personally, I blame it on the weather (it's always easier to blame something other than ourselves right?).  Our weather has been so wishy washy lately.  It's been cold, snowy, and rainy for most of the season.  This leads me to not really want to do anything.  Even if I have great ideas for blog posts, all of us bloggers know that having natural light is key for great pictures.  Unfortunately we just haven't had much of that here, so taking beautifully lit photos is out of the question. Which of course means attempting to write that awesome blog post goes right out the window too.  Then when the weather finally does cooperate I want to get out and enjoy it. Basically it's a never ending cycle!

But I'm hoping to change that...

I have a l-o-n-g list of things that need to get accomplished and honestly I'm sick of procrastinating. I figure if I put my list out there for everyone to see I have no choice but to be responsible for getting them crossed off. This is my attempt to hold myself accountable for my actions. So are you ready to see my list?

Ok, here goes nothing!

1.  I cleaned out my closet a couple months ago.  I put all the clothes I no longer wear into bags to take to Plato's Closet.  They've been sitting in the back of my SUV for 2 months now.  Take them to Plato's Closet ASAP.  Remind myself that cash is the prize!

2.  Sort through my children's clothes and send the clothes they've out grown to Thred Up.  Again remind myself that I get cash in return.

3.  Start Craigslist-ing stuff (hello more cash).  We have about 4 cameras in our office that we don't use anymore.  Get rid of them!

4.  Organize my craft room and it's closet.  I've procrastinated about going through this closet for way too long.  Closing the doors to the closet and craft room is no longer an option.  It's time Erika, it's time.

5.  I need to drink more water.  The dark circles under my eyes are not pretty.  No amount of eye cream can cover these bad boys up.  Dark circles are usually a sign that I'm not eating or drinking the things that I should be.  Water here I come!

6.  Finish adding the new items to my Etsy shop.  I have about 15 more pieces that need to be added.  The photos have already been taken, just upload them.  Pretty easy.

7.  Follow through with those blog posts.  I have a list of ideas written down in my notebook.  Remind myself that no one else will ever see them if they're kept hidden in that notebook.  Blog about it already!

8.  I have dozens of magazines that are still waiting to be read.  In fact, last I checked I still had a SHAPE magazine from September 2012.  Read all those magazines then donate them to the library.

Whew! There it is.  The list. Now it's time to start crossing them off.

*Once I've accomplished each task I will come back to this post and mark off the ones I completed*

So what about you? Do you have a long To Do list? How to you handle it all? Feel free to share away, I need all the support I can get.

Friday, March 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

In an attempt to get a wee bit more personal on my blog I'm making a pledge to do more High Five for Friday posts.  I can't promise anything too earth shattering deep (I lead a pretty normal, nothing too crazy life) but I figure anything I can share on Instagram I can share here. So here are my top 5 highlights from the week.

1. I'm loving all the Etsy orders I've been getting!  I especially like how I can print off labels instead of writing out the addresses like I did before.  Oh yeah, and paying the shipping online means I don't have to stand in line at the Post Office.  Double YAY!

2. Call me crazy but I actually liked getting my hands on the new Lay's potato chips.  I l-o-v-e the Sriracha flavor but the Chicken and Waffles one just wasn't for me.  So I gave them to my husband to take into work.  Since these chips are kind of hard to find around here (they sell out super fast) I was happy to hear that the guys at his work liked trying the Chicken and Waffles flavor.  Now if only I could find the Garlic Bread ones!

3. We bought a BB gun a couple weeks ago! I haven't shot in years so I was expecting to do horrible at target practice.  Turns out I'm not as bad as I thought.  Oh, I can also shoot left and right handed (the same as my dad and my daughter, weird huh?). 

4. Colorado is kind of weird.  We had the most mildest winter but then come February and March boom! Snow and cold all around.  Since it is officially Spring (even if the temps don't seem like it) I'm so excited to get back to composting.  We keep this pretty compost bin under our kitchen sink and once it gets full we take it out back to the big compost bin. As soon as it starts to warm up here we'll have some of the greatest compost around! Seriously, I am itching to start some gardening.

and last but not least....

5. This girl! I love her, she is literally like my 3rd child.  I bought her that Love Bug toy on clearance (of course) and she just loves it.  Look at that face! Ah, it gets me every time.

So those are my top 5 of the week.  Be sure to head on over here to From My Grey Desk see what everyone else has been up to.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Organizing a Craft Room

As any crafty person will tell you creativity is messy. Which is why I try and stay on top of keeping my craft room/studio organized.  It may not always be super neat and tidy but I have a few tricks up my sleeves when it comes to keeping it organized.

Storage is key! Whether it's storage bins, drawers, baskets, you name it, having designated places to store your crafts will definitely help control the clutter.

I also scored this amazing find at Walmart for only $30! It stores all my washi tape, Smash Book items, tissue paper, baker's twine, and so much more! I also keep a filing system on top to keep track of all my business expenses and receipts (a great help when tax time comes around).

My other tip for staying organized is make use of your space.  My craft room is not very large, as seen in the picture below...

So I definitely take advantage of all my storage containers.  I'm thinking of hanging shelves on the walls in order to make more use of the vertical space in this room, since the floor space is pretty much maxed out.

*update* we've since hung up a pretty nifty storage rack that we found at Ikea.  Can't wait to share pics with you all!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ineseda Crochet Jewelry Giveaway

I have such a fun giveaway planned for today.  Say hello to Ineseda! This adorable shop offers one of a kind, handmade, crotchet jewelry.  How cute is that?  The wonderful Inez has graciously offered up a beautiful pair of handmade crochet flower earrings for one very lucky winner.

The crochet beads are made from hand dyed silk thread and the roses are also handmade from polymer clay.

Inez even made the adorable gift box these flowers will arrive in.  Talk about talented. Don't you just love that Washi paper?

This giveaway will be open for one week and here's what you'll need to do to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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