Monday, March 25, 2013

Procrastination Nation

That is where I feel like I've been living.  Personally, I blame it on the weather (it's always easier to blame something other than ourselves right?).  Our weather has been so wishy washy lately.  It's been cold, snowy, and rainy for most of the season.  This leads me to not really want to do anything.  Even if I have great ideas for blog posts, all of us bloggers know that having natural light is key for great pictures.  Unfortunately we just haven't had much of that here, so taking beautifully lit photos is out of the question. Which of course means attempting to write that awesome blog post goes right out the window too.  Then when the weather finally does cooperate I want to get out and enjoy it. Basically it's a never ending cycle!

But I'm hoping to change that...

I have a l-o-n-g list of things that need to get accomplished and honestly I'm sick of procrastinating. I figure if I put my list out there for everyone to see I have no choice but to be responsible for getting them crossed off. This is my attempt to hold myself accountable for my actions. So are you ready to see my list?

Ok, here goes nothing!

1.  I cleaned out my closet a couple months ago.  I put all the clothes I no longer wear into bags to take to Plato's Closet.  They've been sitting in the back of my SUV for 2 months now.  Take them to Plato's Closet ASAP.  Remind myself that cash is the prize!

2.  Sort through my children's clothes and send the clothes they've out grown to Thred Up.  Again remind myself that I get cash in return.

3.  Start Craigslist-ing stuff (hello more cash).  We have about 4 cameras in our office that we don't use anymore.  Get rid of them!

4.  Organize my craft room and it's closet.  I've procrastinated about going through this closet for way too long.  Closing the doors to the closet and craft room is no longer an option.  It's time Erika, it's time.

5.  I need to drink more water.  The dark circles under my eyes are not pretty.  No amount of eye cream can cover these bad boys up.  Dark circles are usually a sign that I'm not eating or drinking the things that I should be.  Water here I come!

6.  Finish adding the new items to my Etsy shop.  I have about 15 more pieces that need to be added.  The photos have already been taken, just upload them.  Pretty easy.

7.  Follow through with those blog posts.  I have a list of ideas written down in my notebook.  Remind myself that no one else will ever see them if they're kept hidden in that notebook.  Blog about it already!

8.  I have dozens of magazines that are still waiting to be read.  In fact, last I checked I still had a SHAPE magazine from September 2012.  Read all those magazines then donate them to the library.

Whew! There it is.  The list. Now it's time to start crossing them off.

*Once I've accomplished each task I will come back to this post and mark off the ones I completed*

So what about you? Do you have a long To Do list? How to you handle it all? Feel free to share away, I need all the support I can get.

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  1. Great list! Weather has been crazy here, too. Good luck!


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