Monday, April 22, 2013

A Weekly To Do

Do you read Martha Stewart's Living Magazine?  I love it! And one of the things I love so much about it (aside from the recipes, garden tips, craft ideas, and home decor of course) is the Martha's Month page.  Yes, I'm totally aware that all the things listed in her busy month are tasks usually completed by her hundreds of employees but it's fun to see what tasks and reminders she has for the month.  Which totally made me think, "hey I should make a calendar list like that so I can stay on top of the dozens of things I usually forget about".  However, trying to plan an entire month in advance is not very doable, especially given out craptastic weather (so trying to plan in advance for hikes, dog walks, and lawn care is out of the question) BUT putting together a weekly to do list is totally doable! 

So I made a very simple list, which luckily has tasks that can all be completed in doors.

I'm hoping to have this be a weekly feature, at least for the next few weeks.  But I'm at a loss of what to call it.  Martha has Martha's Month but mine is just a weekly to do list.  Also, I'd like to have others get involved and share their Spring Cleaning and To Do Lists.  So if you have an amazing name you'd like to share for this event feel free to share it! I'm all ears.

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