Monday, May 20, 2013

I finally gave in...

So I've been reading about the wonders of Essie nail polish for, oh I don't know, YEARS now.  But I've never been able to convince myself to buy a bottle, cause $8 for a bottle of nail polish is pretty pricey for this thrifty gal.  So I finally gave in and bought my 1st bottle.  I decided to go for a fun, Spring inspired color and chose Tart Deco.

Wow, that stuff is really incredible!  Usually after day 2 1/2 of wear my normal nail polish has at least a couple chips.  Not this stuff.  No chips in sight after 3 days (which included at least 2 showers, some gardening, and who knows what else).

It's safe to say I am now obsessed with this nail polish!  I just can't believe it took me so long to finally give in and try it out.  Now I totally get what all the hub-bub is about.

Since I still do my own mani's and pedi's I figure splurging on an $8 bottle of nail polish isn't so bad.  What about you?  Have you tried Essie before?  If so what color is your fave?


  1. Thanks for the review!! Ive been wondering myself why everyone always talks about it, then I go to check it out and never buy cause the price! But wow if it stays on so well, I may just have to give in too!! ♥

    ~Thanks so much for linking up to Makeup Monday! I'd love it if you had a link back to us somewhere. :)


    1. It's pricey but way worth the splurge :)Thanks for letting me share it at your Makeup Monday link party!

  2. I still haven't given in to Essie, or OPI for that matter, but I'm just a tad bit closer to buying one after I read your post. I hate spending 45 mins on creating a really pretty manicure just to have it chip the next day :(

    Kali Now Living

    P.s., stopping by from Make Up Monday :)


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