Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Spring Edition

Wahoo! It's Pinterest Challenge Spring Edition time!

For this season's project I wanted to tackle something that's been on my To-Do list for a while.  If you remember last week's post then you know it had something to do with sprucing up our office bookcases.  Well here was one of my inspirational pins:

I just love that grey background! Since grey is one of those lovely neutral colors I was hoping I could duplicate the look with our black bookcases.  So here's the before:

Pretty safe and pretty boring eh? I didn't like how the picture frames just blended in with the back of the bookcases and some of our green vases are practically invisible. 

The fun part about this project is I found a coupon for free sample paint at Lowe's in last month's ( or maybe it was this month's) BHG magazine. Score! I used it to pick up some Valspar Paint and Primer paint in Soft Silk to try it out.  Turns out I loved the color so I drove back to Lowe's (which is luckily just right up the street) and bought a quart size.  Many hours later our bookcases looked like this...TA DA! 

I gotta admit I wasn't so sure how it was going to turn out and my husband was starting to think I was crazy but after the paint dried I couldn't be happier with how it turned out (luckily my husband is loving it too).  We also got rid of the dark rug and swapped it with a smaller much cheerier (is that a word) throw rug that we put on the other end of the office.  I'll have to snap some pics later on, it's super cute.  

So that's my Spring Pinterest Challenge.  As always I'll be linking up here.  Be sure to stop by and check out all the other amazing projects (I know I will)! 

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  1. very pretty! love how it turned out.
    coming over from the spring pinterest challenge.
    - anjana @


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