Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Life Lately {Part 2}

I have more Instagram pics to share with you all.  Pretty exciting right?  Well this time I promise all the pics won't be of my backyard garden.  Instead they'll be a quick little glimpse into some of the other fun things I've been filling my Summer with.  Let's begin shall we?

I've taken the kiddos to the pool several times and they absolutely love it. Of course I swim with them but I also like to take little breaks and catch up on my magazine reading.  My sweet Mom got me a subscription to Allure mag and I absolutely love it! 

This is why I absolutely love summer time and Colorado.  Isn't this scenery just gorgeous?  Purple Mountains Majesty indeed.

For a while the temps here were HOT HOT HOT but on evenings where it wasn't 100+ degrees I'd enjoy a nice chilled glass of wine out on the front porch.  I got to admit evenings like that make me wish we had a deck.  Someday, maybe.

I finally finished reading this book.  Cover to cover. I'm obsessed with Sunset magazines and this book was worth every penny! Love, love, love it.

And last but certainly not least...

My very first ripe cherry tomatoes.  My daughter did the honors of trying them first and she absolutely loved them.  We've had some more ripen and they are the yummiest, juiciest, tomatoes ever! Can't wait till even more are ready to devour. 

So that's Life Lately Part 2.  See you soon for Part 3 ;) 

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