Monday, July 8, 2013

Those Days...

It's officially summer break over here at our casa which means a house filled with 2 crazy kiddos and their friends.  This usually equates to a less than tidy home, which for a neat freak like me can be a bit unnerving.  However, I'm realizing that a home can always get cleaned at a later time but those precious moments filled with children's fun and laughter, well those can never be replaced.  Also, who wants to spend hours and hours scrubbing and cleaning when there's the gorgeous, sunny, great outdoors awaiting?! So, I'm slowly but surely taking cleaning a little less serious and I'm perfectly okay with that.  But when those days do happen where I can manage to have a clean house, while children are there, well those are picture worthy moments in my book!

As you can tell our dog has a pretty pampered life.  I get the house all shiny and clean but she's the one whose clearly pooped.  Ah, the Dog Days of Summer.

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