Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garden Progress

I have a whole bunch of new garden pics that I can't wait to share with you.  They were taken a couple of weeks ago so of course they look nothing like they do now.  We've been very fortunate this July with substantial rain fall so my backyard garden has exploded! I had no idea how big some of my plants could get. 

Here's how things were looking at the beginning of July.

No joke, the cherry tomato plant (seen in the back left) has grown 4x as big in the last few weeks alone.  It's broken out of it's cage (seriously) and is even starting to creep over the fence into the neighbors yard.  Luckily I have an awesome neighbor who says she doesn't mind at all.  In fact her exact words were "That's ok, I like tomatoes"!

I decided to be a rebel and plant mint into my raised garden bed.  So far it's doing pretty well and surprisingly keeping to it's own row.  We'll see how it goes the rest of the season.  I've heard it's a good idea to plant mint all by itself or in a container since it's known to spread like crazy. 

Look at those adorable patio tomatoes! They've since grown big and red and I actually ate them in a Caprese salad just last weekend.  They were unbelievably yummy!

I also have some more jalapeno peppers and herbs growing in the flower boxes we drilled into our fence a few summers ago. 

I'm so proud that everything I've planted (with the exception of my 2 strawberry plants and 2 tomato plants) began from tiny little seeds that I had growing in our basement just a few months ago.  I was so nervous about starting from seeds but I feel so accomplished now that I see them thriving outside.  Especially since Colorado summers can be very unpredictable (think hail storms, monsoons, and heat waves). 

I have plans to share even more pictures as well as a post about how to garden in small areas.  Perfect ideas for all those Suburban gardeners out there. Stay tuned!

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