Monday, August 26, 2013

In Sink {Bye, Bye, Bye}

Corny, I know but I just couldn't help myself! As the title suggest this post is about saying good bye to an old sink and hello to a new one.  Actually the sink stayed the same but we switched out our faucet which totally made it look like we got a new sink.

Here's how our previous builder basic kitchen faucet was looking.  Not bad but pretty basic (i.e boring).

Now the funny (or not so funny) part of this story is that installing the actual faucet was somewhat easy.  However, it took 5 (YES, FIVE) trips to Lowe's to get it right!

The real issue was picking out the proper faucet.  We had already gone to Lowe's once that day to get a new faucet for the master bath (I'll share that project and post later).  My husband installed it pretty quickly and with no issues so he suggested we go back and pick out another faucet for our hall bath.  So we went back and picked out another faucet.  Lucky for him he was able to install that faucet even faster than the one before.

I guess he was in the diy-ing mood because after installing 2 new bathroom faucets he told me he wanted to replace the one in the kitchen.  Personally, I was hoping to save that project for a later date because I knew the kitchen sink would be a tad bit harder and take more time.  Did he listen to me though? Of course not! ha ha

Before we headed back to Lowe's for the 3rd time that day we had to see how many holes our kitchen sink had (so that we knew which new kitchen faucet would work).  By looking underneath the sink I counted 4 holes, however my husband said it had 2! Um, that can't be right.  Then there was the kicker! My husband didn't want to go to Lowe's for the 3rd time in one day, he wanted to play video games and completely trusted me to go and pick out our new kitchen faucet.  I told him that we should probably take apart the old faucet first so we could actually see how many holes it had before purchasing a kitchen faucet (since we didn't come up with same numbers). As you can tell I was already a bit annoyed with this project and since he trusted his number over mine I headed to Lowe's to pick out a "2 hole" kitchen faucet.

I came back with a new faucet and my husband started taking apart the old one.  Well, well, well what do we have here? Wow, there are 4 holes in our sink! So I had to go back to Lowe's (for the 4th time) and return the old faucet and pick up a new 4 hole faucet! Again, my husband didn't want to go with me, he was kicking butt on Black Ops.  Way more important, obviously.

So I came back from my 4th trip with another faucet.  Once we opened it my husband was not pleased. Even though it was fitted for 4 holes it didn't come with the proper attachments for our sink.  Let's just say at this point I was not a happy camper.  I basically told my husband he was dragging his butt with me to Lowe's, returning yet another faucet and making sure the new faucet had everything we needed. Cause I'm nice like that ;) So he did and all was well once we returned home (at 9'o clock at night).

And since it was so late in the evening I didn't snap any photos of the actual diy-ing process. It went pretty smoothly and I was definitely impressed with my husband's faucet replacing skills.  He's practically a pro now.

So here it is, the all glorious, 5th times a charm, the "After" of our new kitchen faucet!

Here's some more pics of our new "fancy" faucet. These were all taken the next day when the sun was up.

Ah, she's so pretty!  Kind of makes the whole faucet debacle worth it (kind of).  As you can see in the pics above we are still in need of knobs or handles on our kitchen cabinets.  I'm kind of leaning towards knobs but we'll see.  Looks like we have another kitchen diy project ahead of us.  Here's hoping picking out and installing cabinet hardware goes smoother than this project did.

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