Friday, September 6, 2013

Two Bathroom Updates

Do you remember this crazy but honest post?  If you didn't check it out it's a must read (angry Erika makes her appearance). It's also what followed these two relatively easy bathroom updates.

Any who, a few weekends ago I mentioned to my husband that I kind of wanted a new "fancy" faucet for our master bath.  It's a fairly small bathroom (especially for a master) so anything I can get my hands on to kind of "class it up" helps it not feel so small.  At least to me anyway.  My husband was surprisingly enthusiastic about the project with the exception of one minute detail.  We've never ever installed a faucet! Since we both have dreams of buying a fixer-upper cabin in the mountains (years down the road) we look forward to the little diy projects here and there.  Before I get to all the details though, here's what our old builder-basic faucet was looking like.

I apologize for the color in the photo. Our sink is actually white and not beige like it appears in the photo above. I was still trying to figure out the settings on my new camera when I took this.  I now know that the Tungsten setting is my friend while shooting pics indoors.  

Here's an older picture of our bathroom with more true to life colors.  It was taken a little over a year ago (before we had updated the light fixtures, which were also builder-basic).

So once we realized we were going to add a new faucet we went to Lowe's and picked one out in a brushed nickel finish (since those are the dominant finishes in our house).  My husband was convinced it would be a pretty simple project once we got home and for the most part it was.  The tricky part was figuring out how to replace the pop up drain. Our new faucet came with a matching pop up drain but it didn't include instructions on how to remove the old one.  So what's a diy-er to do?  Why hit up YouTube of course!

We watched this video and this video.  They helped a ton! They also made us realize we needed to use plumbers puddy. However, I started freaking out at the thought of having to saw through the pipe (as seen in the second video) but since we have a relatively new house with good pipes and no rust we didn't have too. Whew!

I tried to get some "during" photos but since this bathroom is so teeny tiny it didn't really work out.  So instead I'll share the beautiful after!

Here's the before and after comparison.

Since we were feeling like total rock stars we went back to Lowe's and picked up the exact same style faucet so we could replace the other builder basic one we had in the hall bath.  My husband was able to install that one even faster since we had a better grasp of how to do it.  I think from start to finish it took him 20 minutes to rip out the existing faucet and install the new one, pop up drain and all!

We have another full bathroom in our basement but we've decided to hold off on updating the faucet and hardware in there at least for a little while.  The bathroom in our basement is used primarily by our teenage son and I have a feeling anything new in there will get used and abused pretty quickly. 

So those are our latest home updates that we did all by ourselves.  Sometimes being a grown up can be kind of cool!  

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  1. Love easy quick projects that make such a difference! Great pic on the faucet :)



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