Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome Changes

First let me start by saying I've been a bad blogger.  Earlier in the year I expressed my desires to blog more often.  I had these high hopes of  maintaining a blogging routine, for example at the very least posting twice a week.  Well I think it's safe to say with September almost over and realizing I only published 4 posts this month, I sucked at that goal ladies and gents.  Truth be told I actually have a whole notebook filled with blog posts ideas and I have about 25 blog photos just sitting on my computer, waiting to be edited.  So what's the problem? Me!

I'll be all prepped and ready to type a post but once I'm sitting there in front of that blank page my mind goes blank as well.  Then I start to question if the idea I had for my post is even worth sharing.  Like, do people really want to see another DIY chalkboard?  It's been done about 20 million different ways, what makes mine so special?  Or, the discovery of an amazing new hairbrush that I found at Target that completely rids my daughter's hair of tangles (in under 1 minute no less).  Well wait a sec, why would anyone else care about that?  If they (or someone they love) doesn't suffer with tangles (how lucky are they?) then I just completely wasted their time...and so on and so on.

Then there's life in general that gets in the way.  Sometimes this is a good thing, a thing I very much welcome and other times, well it can be frustrating.  It's finding that all too elusive happy balance that not only I but we all struggle with.  A happy balance of family life, work life, commitments to others, and everything in between. 

My current goal is to bring that happy balance to my blog.  To help motivate me and get this blog going in the right direction, I'm currently working with some very talented ladies to update this blog's look.  Hopefully, it will be ready to debut by next week (fingers crossed).  I've worked with them in the past and they are nothing but fantastic!  I can't wait to see the new look and I really think you all are going to love it.  Think modern, cool, and crisp.  That's the look I'm going for at least (ha ha).

I also want to focus on the main purpose of my blog, which is to share. My mission statement is to create a blog that has substance, a blog which serves a purpose, and that purpose folks is to share.  I want to share things that make me happy, things I find interesting, things that are beneficial to others. Basically if it brings a smile to my face (or the faces of those I love) I want to share that with you!

I also never want this blog to be a place filled with negativity or whining.  I honestly believe EVERYONE has troubles in their life.  Mine are no better (or worse) than anyone else's.  Erika pity parties are not welcome here.  At the end of every blog post my goal is to share something that I've learned in hopes that my readers will learn something new as well. 

So thank you to those that have stuck around through out my sporadic blogging! You are truly amazing and I can't wait to share more creative tidbits with you all.  Especially once I get over this fear of "Is it good enough?". Also, if you have any tips on how you find balance in your life please feel free to share! Or if your life is a beautiful mess feel fee to share that as well.

Love you, mean it.

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