Friday, September 27, 2013

Who are you, really?

I found this link to a personality test via Story of My Life which I happened upon thanks to Incredibly Smitten.  Jenny from Incredibly Smitten is doing the Blogtember challenge and I am totally digging all the amazing blog post ideas coming out of that challenge.  I love how it encourages you to think outside the blogging box. Any who, back to this personality test.

The 72 question Personality Quiz can be found here and it is definitely worth taking! Once completed I couldn't believe how accurate my results were. 

It notified me that I am an INFJ (Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging). It even listed at the bottom of my results famous people that also share the same personality trait.  I was shocked to see Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nicole Kidman all shared similar personalities with me (um, WOW).  The results summed up that I am very much an introvert but an introvert that is very good at listening and sympathizing with others.  It also explained that because I can interact well with others, people may confuse me for an extrovert.  That piece I found very interesting. The quiz also touched on how reluctant I am to trust others, that I'd rather have a small circle of devoted friends over several acquaintances, that I very much stand for victim's rights, and a career in social work or teaching would suit me best.  Needless to say it was pretty darn accurate.

Immediately after taking the quiz I told my husband and kids about it.  Both my kiddos took the quiz and answered the questions to the best of their ability (some questions didn't necessarily pertain to them but they got the idea).  I was surprised to find out that my both my children share the same exact personality traits! Well part of me was surprised, the other part of me knew they were much more similar than they'd like to believe.  I laughed at the results that said they should both seek a profession in entertainment.  They are certainly characters who love attention so I couldn't help but crack up. 

My husband also took the personality test and it was definitely an eye opener.  His results explained that he was very much a work-aholic.  It touched on how he sometimes struggles with personal relationships because of his need to succeed at his job.  Talk about hitting the nail on the head.  There is no doubt that man is an outstanding soldier.  He works 14+ hours days for months at a time and his crazy behind will volunteer for deployments every chance he gets.  Whenever I bring up that he's already deployed 5 times he always replies with "I know but the job isn't done.  They still need people to go.  I'm willing, I'm able. Why not me?".
The crazy part is seeing his results actually made me feel better.  It helped me realize it's not that he wants to get away from the people he loves, he just takes his job very, very serious. He said the results of the quiz did help him see that it's ok to not be so work oriented all the time.   Oh and we couldn't help but laugh at the list of  famous people who shared his personality traits. The majority of the names were Generals and Presidents!

If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare I highly recommend taking the quiz.  It's so worth answering the 72 questions and who knows, you might learn something new about yourself (or your loved one). 

If you do take it feel free to comment with what personality trait you are (or what famous face you share a personality trait with)!

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