Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Little Kitchen Update

If you read this post from August then you'll remember when I mentioned how badly I wanted to add some knobs and/or handles to our kitchen cabinets.  We actually installed the drawer handles over a year ago but never got around to adding any other hardware. 

Until now folks! I found the perfect brushed nickel knobs at Lowe's for around $1.47 a piece.  We needed 21 and since Lowe's offers a 10% military discount I got all the knobs for under $30.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Installing the knobs was easy as pie.  My husband and I were able to install all 21 knobs in under half an hour.  I measured and drew the dots where we wanted the knobs to go and he drilled the holes.  I cleaned up the sawdust left behind from the drill and he screwed in the knobs.  We actually worked pretty well on this project. I know, even I was surprised.

So ready to see how our kitchen is looking now?

I got to admit I love how they look! I know the knobs on the upper cabinets are a little lower than normal and I'll take full blame for that.  BUT considering I'm super duper short (I'm barely 5'2) their placement on the cabinets actually work out great for me (and my kiddies).

I think when it comes to kitchen updates we're pretty much caught up.  Eventually I would like to add a tile backsplash and I'm debating on removing the vinyl decal (seen in the pic above) but nothing is set in stone.  For now I'm just loving the updates we've already done.  The new faucet and hardware help personalize this room so much, it actually makes me want to get in there and cook!

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