Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Subtle Front Lawn Makeover

Want to know something super embarrassing?  Around early Spring our front lawn looked like this!

Hideous isn't it?  For the longest time we could not figure out why our grass kept dying. I attempted to lay some grass seed covered with compost (which usually did the trick whenever we had smaller patches of dead grass) but no matter how much I watered it nothing would happen.

I didn't want to throw a whole bunch of money away on sod because I had a feeling something was going on underneath the soil.  Sod would have only been a temporary fix (and an expensive one at that) but since we live in a neighborhood with HOA we knew we had to fix our lawn and fast.

Well long story short I eventually found the root of the problem (no pun intended).  It was grubs! Gross, disgusting, grubs.  So once we discovered what the problem was we headed up the road to Lowe's and bought some handy dandy grub remover.  It was one of those treatments that attaches to a hose and you just spray away. I can't remember which brand we used but it worked like a charm!

A few weeks later our grass seed finally took.  We were still dealing with some patchiness by the garage when it hit me! Why don't we extend the rock area?  Both my husband and I hated the tiny triangle space filled with rocks that's located right by our garage.  To this day we have no idea why our builders/landscapers designed it that way.

Now I should mention when I came up with this great idea it was in the middle of summer and our average temps were in the high 90's.  At the time my husband seemed pretty pumped about doing some DIY but I should have known that hot weather plus physical labor don't exactly make him a happy camper (which is why I don't have any during photos).  Lesson learned!   

Back to the project...First, we had to buy the metal edging (which is what we already had in our yard).  Lowe's didn't have any in stock so we had to drive a little further to Home Depot.  Luckily they had plenty of edging in stock so we grabbed 2 just to be safe. 

Our landscaping rocks took a while to find because Lowe's and Home Depot didn't sell our type of rock.  We were getting a bit discouraged when I remembered that we have a local rock shop just a few miles from our house.  Words could not describe how happy I was when we arrived at the rock shop and the first thing I saw was our landscaping rock! Not only because they carried it but because our builders had decided to go with a local business when they did our landscaping. Got to support those local businesses!

We loaded up both our vehicles with a couple hundred pounds of rock (which I think came to around $15) and we were good to go! Once we were home we got to digging.  After the edging was in place and the rocks were laid out I added more grass seed (as needed) and 2 weeks later our yard looked like this!

Much better don't you think?  I'm so glad we were able to tackle the grubs and get our grass to grow back.  Even though the rock portion of this project was a bit stressful, I absolutely love how it turned out. Definitely adds more curb appeal. 

Ready for the before and after?

So much better isn't it?! What about you all?  Have you tackled any yard projects lately?  Or dealt with yucky grubs? Do tell!

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