So you want to advertise with Thrifty and Fabulous? Awesome! Here are my blog stats and sponsorship options.

Current Blog Stats (as of October 22, 2013)

Average Monthly Pageviews: 6,100 +
Bloglovin Followers: 24
Pinterest Followers: 1,300
Facebook Fans: 486
Twitter Followers: 239
Instagram Followers: 72

Sponsor Options

Monthly or Quarterly Commitments
Quarterly Commitments will have a discount built in to them.  Ads will appear in the side bar on every page of my blog.  There will also be a monthly "shout out" post thanking my sponsors which will include a text link to the sponsors page.

Giveaways and Product Reviews:
I'm always happy to host giveaways and product reviews. Anyone who is featured in a Giveaway will get their blog/shop button featured on my side panel.

If interested in any of these sponsorship options email me at for ad rates and more details.  Thank you!

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